A downloadable game for Windows

Galaxian is an academic project developed for Digital Games from PUCPR. Any comment or criticism are welcome. First game in C using console, so it's not a big deal, but I hope you enjoy!

Based on Galaxin from Atari 2600, you have 2 minute2 to kill all enemies or YOU WILL DIE!

Controls: Press Enter to start, Arrow keys to move and Spacebar to shoot.

Install instructions

Donwload the file and open Galaxian.exe to play the game. Have fun!


GalaxianExe.rar 173 kB


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GalaxianExe.rar extracts to the folder GalaxianExe, which extracts to


However, this Galaxian.exe is not an executable but an archive. Of course, I'm trying to execute all this through Wine, so that may be my problem.